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F.J.Britten book "Old Clocks and Watches & Their Makers" 2nd. Ed. 1904

Useful Links to other sites

  • Elham Valley Website
    A portal for information on Elham and the Elham Valley.
  • Local History Society Directory
    A directory of local history societies.
  • Elham Parish Library
    Elham Parish Library
    A family library collected over 200 years and bequeathed in 1807 by Lee Warly, a Canterbury attorney, to the parish of his ancestors. It reflects the professional, intellectual and leisure interests of two prominent Kent families: the Warlys and the Oxindens of Barham, Kent. The collection is now stored in the Canterbury Cathedral Library and ranges widely in subject matter from Civil War tracts to religious works; from travel books to literature.
    There is an online Catalogue for the Cathedral Library here where a search for "Elham" also reveals many books on the area.
  • A Vision of Britain Through Time
    Historical statistical information for the parish, with Maps and Historical Descriptions.